Vehicle tracking systems are used to monitor the location, movements, and status of vehicles. In-vehicle monitoring and control are found to be quite effective using RFID vehicle tracking systems. ACUBE RFID vehicle monitoring system serves as one of the top suppliers of RFID ETC solutions in Saudi Arabia. Even from a distance, it is possible to identify all vehicles that have RFID tags by reading the corresponding tags. Drivers can travel through toll booths using the electronic toll collection (ETC) system without stopping and paying as they would under the old system. ACUBE provides truck tracking system on RFID platform in addition to RFID-based toll gate solutions and open road tolling based on your budget to grow your business.


Electronic Toll Collection System is a very efficient and quick mode of collecting toll charges at toll plazas by eliminating commonly found difficulties at the toll gates. However, with ETC implemented at almost all toll gates, large queues and more time-wasting are a few general difficulties due to crowding of vehicles besides manual methodologies incorporating modern ETC accessories for toll collection. Remodelled the electronic toll collection system into digital by adopting RFID technology to enhance the operations by eliminating the time delays.
The integrated device includes two sections, digital sides where input records acquired from database management workplace wherein all necessary information stores. In this technology-driven era, continual experiments are occurring in the field of the internet of things. All the required records are transmitted to the workstation via the cloud in real-time. Since barrier rise and fall consume considerable time, the new barrier design is implemented with the gate remaining open for all vehicles. This prevents vehicles from stopping if they hold sufficient tags.


An electronic toll collection system is a system that allows vehicles to pay tolls electronically, without the need to stop and pay with cash. These systems typically use transponders or license plate recognition technology to identify vehicles and charge the appropriate toll. When a vehicle with a transponder passes through a toll booth, the toll is automatically deducted from the driver’s account. If the vehicle does not have a transponder, the toll is charged to the registered owner of the vehicle using license plate recognition technology. Electronic toll collection systems are used to help reduce traffic congestion and improve the efficiency of toll roads. They can also be more convenient for drivers, as they do not have to stop and pay tolls manually.
The electronic toll system developed by ACUBE is a quick and environmentally friendly option for paying a variety of toll costs at toll plazas. It enables the car to pass through repeatedly without having to stop so that the correct charges can be electronically deducted from the account of the vehicle.
ACUBE, a trailblazer in the field of traffic management based on RFID, is expected to bring in a significant impact on ETC systems used in the GCC. Without ETC, High Occupancy Toll (HOT) was unfeasible. It provides a variety of urban transit options.



Users of electronic toll devices are no longer required to stop and pay. More travel time is saved as a result.

Emission Control

Less idle and acceleration time results in significantly lower toxic gas effusions. This also reduces air pollution at the toll booths and in the nearby neighborhoods.

Increased Capacity

As part of the construction, the number of lanes may rise by almost three times, allowing the existing toll plaza to handle more traffic than it could without additional lanes.

Accident Discount

Fewer collisions as a result of decreased traffic and congestion at the toll gate result in a significant flattening of the accident curve.

Fuel Saving

As the vehicle’s idling, acceleration, and deceleration are minimized, a significant amount of gasoline can be conserved for the future. It will have an impact on car maintenance costs.

Enhanced Money Handling

The ETC system overcomes challenges connected with handling cash because it is designed for cashless operation. Additionally, it improves audit control thanks to centralized user accounts.

Payment Flexibility

To carry and capture currency in the electronic toll system is not permitted for drivers. If they keep an account for ETC, it makes it simpler for commuters to pay toll charges using cards without any fuss.

Congestion Discount

ETC increased the volume of toll transactions dramatically. All vehicles can pass through the gate without stopping thanks to this clever technology, which reduces traffic and breaks up large lines to cut down on waiting times.

Enhanced Data Pool

Easily records daily vehicle count with time and date.




Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.



Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.



Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.