Jewelita is a cloud-based software platform that enables jewellers to manage inventories, generate invoice, accept payments, and garner insights into their business in real time. Jewelita is simple to set up, works with a wide range of point-of-sale devices and operates on any web-capable devices. Jewelita is an E-invoicing system compliance with Zakat, Tax & Customs Authority.
ACUBE RFID library management system is an automated solution in organizing, maintaining, and keeping books systematically even in large volumes. By adopting ACUBE LMS, it is effortless to locate, issue or reissue books very quickly and manage library data in order and efficiency.
LMS helps to maintain a database providing precise and quick information regarding new books and books borrowed by others in no time eliminates the manual record burden of patrons.
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Business Data Analytics

Jewelita Business Analytics module runs on the cloud available on SaaS platform. Extract and analyze reports to track customer preferences, identify product viewership patterns and match them against sales, weed out slow moving products, rewards performing employees etc.

Manage Stock Efficiently

Jewelita optimises your inventory efficiently and track everything that you keep in stock. It also helps to identify dead stock and also allows strategic management of your inventory needs.


Jewelita has fully pre-configured E-invoicing solution to help jewellers comply with regulations of Zakat, Tax & Customs authorities of Saudi Arabia with seamless integration.

Enhanced User Experience

Jewelita has a simle user-friendly interface with a well organized screen. It provides enhanced user experience and exceptional productivity. Jewelita offers a variety of modules tailored to customer’s needs. The system learns your procesess while optimizing and automating their management.

Hybrid System REID

Jewelita is compatible with both Barcode and RFID technologies. The system is scalable to upgrade from Barcode to RFID with no coding.

Increase Sales Conversions

Jewelita’s advanced RFID management system helps jewelry retailers to convert more sales & increase client’s experience with digital tools.

Unlocking the Benefits of Jewellery Software: Streamlining Your Business Operations

To evaluate its benefits, you must know what to look for in Jewellery software. There are a few ways in which ERP for jewellery might improve your life. Here are a few circumstances where a software system’s implementation could be useful.


As a business owner, Reach understands that you need your software to be everything to everyone. It takes care of many areas needing attention while running a jewellery business. Simple accounting, invoicing, and billing are just some of the numerous tasks that may be accomplished with just this one jewellery billing software. The main reason why you should use the Reach Jewellery store management system is because of this.


Reach assures that dealing with it won’t be tough for you or your personnel and that your organisation doesn’t have to bend. Because it can be adjusted to fit your company’s needs, it requires little training and can be put to work immediately. Compared to competing software, Reach Accountant is more intuitive and less time-consuming to master.


The app’s cloud-based nature means it can be accessed anywhere and on any device, including iPads, tablets, and mobile phones. You can do your job from wherever, whether lying in bed or at sea. Reach uses banking-level security to secure your accounts, and its accessibility restriction menu allows you to restrict access to sensitive areas from inside your organisation. Everything is stored on the cloud, so you can easily restore your data from there if a system fails.


Having well-integrated software is a huge time-saver. Reach diamond jewellery accounting software might help you save time and money by allowing you to use other programs more efficiently. Making it easier for you to complete things that demand more time boosts both your productivity and your firm when you utilise all of the available tools and modules.


This is one of the best techniques to boost sales. With Acube Infotech, you can keep tabs on your customers individually, send them invoices quickly, and even reward them for making repeat purchases. Therefore, this increases revenue and strengthens brand loyalty.


In general, inventory costs may be lowered by careful stock inspection. Time is well-spent checking stock levels. A clearer understanding of Stock led to fewer stocks being temporarily depleted.


When dealing with accounting software for gold jewellery, it is crucial to keep it safe. In addition, this unorthodox method might improve the security of your data storage and management.


Skillful stock management is another time-saver that comes highly recommended. Keeping track of what’s in stock and on order might save you the trouble of counting your inventory many times to ensure accurate records.

POS registers can monitor and scan many items simultaneously to speed up the invoicing process. Fewer people will need to wait in line at the cash register. Using desktop scanners, stores may do inventory management twice daily in a matter of minutes. Better financing and more reasonably priced insurance solutions will also be available to wholesale clients to pass on to their retail partners. Automation of formerly labour-intensive tasks, such as stocktaking, item identification, and accounting, is feasible.