The ACUBE RFID Jewellery Inventory Management System (JIMS) is capable of tracking and managing jewelry goods and assets. RFID tags, which are small chips or labels that can be attached to jewelry items, can be read by RFID readers to identify and monitor each piece of jewelry quickly and accurately. This data can then be used to manage inventory levels, track sales, and perform other essential jewelry management tasks. RFID technology can also be used for security, such as preventing the theft or loss of precious jewelry.
RFID tags can be attached to each jewelry item, enabling the system to identify and track each piece of jewelry swiftly and accurately. This data can be used to manage inventory levels and ensure that the correct items are always in stock. Furthermore, the system can provide comprehensive information on sales trends, inventory turnover, and other metrics by monitoring each jewelry item as it is sold. The ACUBE JIMS RFID solution can be used to avoid jewelry theft or loss. An alarm or other alert can be triggered when an object is moved or removed from a designated location. It can also be used to store the authenticity information of jewelry items, particularly diamonds and other precious stones, allowing for fast and easy verification of the item’s authenticity for the customer’s peace of mind and an added layer of security against counterfeit. It also expedites retail procedures. Electronic POS systems can be linked to the system to automatically identify and bill customers.
rfid jewelry tracking system


ACUBE JIMS serves as a sophisticated jewelry inventory management software to reduce the time and effort required to keep and account for precious metal assets in a jewelry store. ACUBE JIMS provides long-range RFID tags that are mounted on each product and can be scanned from a certain distance to obtain product information associated with the corresponding tag. RFID jewellery management software Dubai is accessible from retail stores via PC or tablet to keep all transmitted product data.
The ACUBE RFID jewellery management system uses an automatic data capture method with special readers and tags and it does not require users to scan individual items in order to monitor, identify, and sort them. To save time, it prevents potential errors such as misplacement, loss, and theft from individual product scanning. Even from a few meters distant, the device can read 1000 items in a second.
Inventory tracking and control from anywhere with internet connectivity is possible with ACUBE’s cloud-based UHF RFID jewellery management solutions. Because it is custom-built to have real-time decisions and data, it can be integrated with current inventory management systems for plug-and-play operations. The RFID jewellery inventory management system gathers customer purchasing behavior and details by counting each item off the shelves and recording it on the display from the stock area. ACUBE uses EPC global UHF class1 gen2 RFID highly secured tags that include the business name, product name, price, barcode, weight, and other data as requested by the client.
rfid jewellery management


ACUBE RFID jewellery management is a software solution offered in Saudi Arabia that provides a comprehensive set of features for tracking and managing jewellery inventory. These features include real-time monitoring, swift stock auditing, filterable registers, jewellery analytics, dashboards, and an exhibition module. In addition, the software includes Android-based tools for stock-taking and diamond inventory management. By utilizing this solution, jewellery inventory can be monitored and tracked in real-time using an up-to-date database. 

RFID jewelry tag printing is a meticulous process that includes distinct tag encoding. From our RFID tag library, you can select the best-suited tag for an item. RFID readers with built-in modules for numerous uses, as well as fixed readers, can be used for scanning on the rack or in the stock room. A local area network (LAN) is used to connect the inventory information and the reader.


Save Your Time

  • Checking inventory is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job that can be eliminated by scanning any number of items in a fraction of a second and providing 100% accuracy.
  • Manpower required for stock verification can be decreased, saving labor costs.
  • Each piece of jewelry does not need to be handled individually for scanning, preserving its durability and beauty for a longer period of time.


  • The risk of misplacing an item is reduced because scans are performed on a regular basis.
  • Because the software tracks each tag’s location in the store, any misplaced tagged items can be found quickly.

User-friendly software

  • The jewelry management program is intended to be simple to use and time-saving.
  • Because it can be viewed from anywhere in the world at any time, the software provides increased visibility over the stock.

Get access to sales data

  • Acube JIMS provides quick access to a detailed inventory with information on which products are selling the best, thereby providing your retail company with detailed knowledge of customer shopping behavior within the store.


  • ACUBE RFID Smart Tray improves shopping by displaying product information when a product is placed on it. The clever tray also recommends jewelry via an e-catalogue. After being recorded by RFID smart reader and jeweller, all customer transactions are transferred to ACUBE analytics dashboard to learn about patterns and popularity of particular products on ERP system.


  • ACUBE RFID Smart Box protects jewelry and diamonds while allowing online tracking and verification from anywhere. It notifies you when someone opens the box and records the tagged things that are removed or added.




Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.



Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.



Location and global and detailed vision of your location at every moment.