How does RFID Tagging system work

How does RFID Tagging system work

Apr 16 2020

Radio Frequency Identification or simply RFID is a wireless method of communication which make use of electromagnetic radiation or electrostatic coupling over the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which will be uniquely used for the identification of any person, animal or any object.

Here RFID tags are used for encoding digital data and will be captured by readers which make use of radio waves.Together with the technological leap, IoT (Internet of Things), RFID has become an inevitable tracking technology for organizations who value their assets more. Acubeinfotech is one of the best RFID companies which provides you with the best RFID solutions.

RFID is similar to the native barcode technique where barcodes are read using scanners and the relevant data regarding to any item will be extracted from the data base. However these have some major advantages over barcode tracking software. The major feature of RFID tracker is that they can be used out of line of sight for data reading, whereas barcodes should be kept in a track for proper reading with the optical scanner.

We at Acubeinfotech provides the best RFID tracking solution for your valuable assets like vehicle tracking, jewelry tags, inventory tags, cargo and supply chain logistics, asset and equipment tracking, pet and livestock tracking and many more. For the last two decades, the use of asset tracking technologies have brought a huge revolution in the overall profit in business sector. RFID tagging technology has made a giant leap in sectors like healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, retail and many more.

RFID tagging technology falls under Automatic Identification and Data Capture technology where it automatically identifies objects and collect data regarding them and stores those data into the computer database with some or no human intervention. RFID tagging technology makes use of radio waves in electromagnetic spectrum for achieving the above said process.

Most of the RFID suppliers provide RFID module which consist of mainly three components such as RFID tag or RFID label, a reader, and an antenna which will transmit the radio waves into the RFID reader. Then this particular reader will convert those radio signals into a more stable and useful form of data. Then information regarding those data will be collected from the tags and then it will be transferred to the required communication interface to the receiver where that data will be stored in a database and can be used at anytime later.

Most businesses and enterprises rely on high valued assets for generating their revenue so it will be clear for you the need of tracking those assets and their management. They can be anything like tools, stock, IT devices, vehicles, livestock or even employees. Whatever it may be, we are here to help you out, we being the best RFID supplier can provide your assets the best RFID tagging solution which ensures the security of your assets.

If you have chosen the right RFID tagging solution for your organization, then the processes that may happen can be listed as follows. Data will be stored into the RFID tag and for every tag, a unique EPC code will be attached to the following asset. The attached antenna in the RFIS module will search for the signal from the nearby RFID tag. The reader will then connected to the antenna wirelessly and the required data will be collected from the RFID tag. Then this data will be transmitted to the required database for the purpose.

If you are looking for the right RFID tag, then chose the best among the numerous available in the market. Select the tag which will be suitable for the environment in which the module is going to work.

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